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!New! Themed Comfort Velcro Bands


!New! Themed Comfort Velcro Bands

* Theme Choice:

Product Description

This Bracelet is made with extra concentrated, earth squishy formula contains the nature ingredients that have been tested to be vibrating at the frequencies of 18 VibesUP themes listed below. This bracelet knows when to nurture us with what we need may need :) ONE SIZE FITS ALL!


Themes include:

-Abundance & Prosperity

-Allergy Relief


-Clarity & Memory

-Confidence (Courage & Fear Release)

-Energy & Motivation

-Forever Young 

-Health & Wellness

-Joy & Inspiration - I am Happy



-Menopause Support

-Pain Support - I Feel Good

-Peace - Stress Relief

-PMS Relief & Harmony

-Protection from Negativity

-Will Power


Perhaps the biggest breakthrough of our time on a NEW METHOD of non-invasive, whole body delivery of natural solutions. 

Although seriously effective, it is 'Playfully' referred to as "Nature's 24/7 IV drip of natural vibes"



This Bracelet is made with extra concentrated, earth squishy formula containing blends of nature ingredients in an amplifying liquid crystal delivery with therapeutic gemstones, flower essences and essential oils that are published and known to be helpful in this specific area.  (CHOOSE FROM 18 THEMES) 

Sublingual whole body delivery? 

What is sublingual style delivery? Sublingual refers to when remedies are placed under the tongue where we have veins very close to the surface. These remedies can be absorbed and carried very efficiently and non-invasively via the veins to every cell of the body every 60 seconds. The other place on our bodies that the veins are close to the surface are our WRISTS!  


A famous Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto shocked the world with his actual photos of how powerfully 'energy' instantly effected liquids! ) As the snap wrap embraces the wrist its natural vibrational energy is now in close contact with the liquid of our veins. Now, imagine what an impression all those nature vibes are having. Remember how our blood can help deliver remedies to every cell of our bodies every 60 seconds! When we put this all this together it's easy to imagine how powerful this wrist wrap can be and why some nick name it 'Nature's IV drip!'  

Built in Batteries! 

Additionally the snap wrap has tiny natural quartz crystal batteries that in their compressed state produce over 1 million rays of natural energy per second (piezo). They never run out of natural energy! When energy rays are infrared whatever they pass through they can pick up the information (nature ingredients) and gently deliver it to whatever it touches next (us!) Imagine all that nature's wisdom and balance delivered to our whole body’s yummy infrared deep! 

Bracelet- Will VELCRO AROUND to most Wrist Sizes, cup or bottle.

Stiff or sore Neck, elbow, ankle? Velcro on an energy treatment!

*It can only be ‘whole body' effective when worn on the wrist with strip touching the vein area. 


Each inner strip keeps on working and never needs replacing.
*GRID your body suggestion. You can create a full body Grid by wearing FOUR. One on each wrist and ankle. When you put specific energy in 4 corners, the area inside becomes that same energy.

Disclaimer: VibesUP is in no way claiming to cure/ heal or replace medical care. We are in no way making a claim that this item is an actual medical intravenous drip and all themes are also not suggestions of curing but rather that they obtain ingredients that are published and known for being supportive in these areas.


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