• Wood Base Gem Tree Wood Base Gem Tree

    Wood Base Gem Tree

      SUPER CUTE CHIPPY GEM TREES! INFUSED WITH VibesUP good energy amplifying formula GREEN QUARTZ, PINK ROSE QUARTZ, MULTI STONE, RED CARNELIAN.     Red Carnelian- ABUNDANCE Pink Rose Quartz- LOVE    Green...

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  • Inserts for VIBE Bra $29.99 per set Inserts for VIBE Bra $29.99 per set

    Inserts for VIBE Bra $29.99 per set

    Single Nature's VIBE Bra Themed Insert set $29.99 each PADDED BRA OPTION IS DISCONTINUED. "Change your BRA Change you VIBE!" 13 interchange Vibe bra insert themes: Made with REAL GEMS, CRYSTALS, FLOWERS, PLANT BOTANICS & BLACK TOURMALINE (known...

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  • Genuine Sapphire Bracelet

    Genuine Sapphire Bracelet

    Genuine SAPPHIRE BRACELET   Coated with our formula for Clarity, for ourselves and from others.    This is a raw grade of Sapphire not the high gem quality, but it IS fun that it's REAL SAPPHIRE!  Comes in Small, Medium and...

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  • Mini Vibe CheckUP Game

    Mini Vibe CheckUP Game

    Ask Questions, Physically Feel Your Answers   Self Diagnose and replenish your daily energetic needs   11 Magnetic Pieces treated with the VibesUP natural formulas containing the energies of Love, Joy, Abundance, Clarity, Will Power,...

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  • Pineal Cream Pineal Cream

    Pineal Cream

    *May come in a plastic jar as we are very low on bamboo jars.*  Pocket size CRYSTAL PINEAL CREAM .25 oz Excellent for revitalizing the Pineal (third eye) and opening clarity.I have it next to where I work and apply it to my forehead whenever I...

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