Eye Masks

  • Double Layer Eye Mask Double Layer Eye Mask

    Double Layer Eye Mask

    WHY A DOUBLE MASK AND KAITLYNS TWO BIG SOLUTIONS SHE EXPERIENCED HAPPY NEWS!NATURE MIRACLE UPdate: WHY DOUBLE LAYER? The first layer you could think of like the front line soldiers giving everything they have energetically. The second layer is like the...

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  • Ageless Mask Ageless Mask

    Ageless Mask

    INFRARED NATURAL THERAPY in a 'direct contact' delivery. AGAIN this is special formula Earth Material is not inside the mask pouch but directly on the skin.   This special beauty mask is made with the same formula as our ageless cream. Different...

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  • Divine Mask Divine Mask

    Divine Mask

    THE MANY USES VIBE MASK- Divine MaskThe newest Earth Mat's contains all the advancements of Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, and Super Shrunk formulas! The Double Stuff Formula contains the stones, Flower Essences,...

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