Personal Care

  • Body and Foot Heat and Vibe Massager Body and Foot Heat and Vibe Massager

    Body and Foot Heat and Vibe Massager

    CONVERTIBLE FULL BODY and FEET MASSAGES with Vibes INSIDE! with INFRARED HEAT!   This is AMAZING! It can be a VibesUP Foot Massager then it converts to being an anywhere massage unit.    Can even be plugged into...

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  • Double Layer Eye Mask Double Layer Eye Mask

    Double Layer Eye Mask

    *The earth material is on the outside of the mask, to be directly against your skin* WHY A DOUBLE MASK AND KAITLYNS TWO BIG SOLUTIONS SHE EXPERIENCED HAPPY NEWS!NATURE MIRACLE UPdate: WHY DOUBLE LAYER? The first layer you could think of like the front...

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  • Multi Use Body Pad

    Multi Use Body Pad

    BODY and SHOULDER aches seem to be very common these days.    This is my favorite vibe earth to use because of the shape! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!    These pads are the perfect shape to use for many areas of the body. Tummy (digestion,...

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    Similar to lung armor but heart shaped and you wear it under your clothing. REST ON FRONT AND BACK OF HEART CHAKRA Earth Material is especially formulated for emotional comfort and balance   Self-clearing and self-generating of energy. They...

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  • Rare Lotus Roll On

    Rare Lotus Roll On

    Earth on the bottom- Built in Infrared Re Energizing Crystal formulation. The higher the Vibrational Frequency of an Oil the higher is quality and ability to work with you on an energetic and therapeutic level . On the bottom of this bottle is a special...

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    VIBE MASK- includes mask, adjustable straps, built in aroma pad, bottle of BREATHE EASY essential oils, menthol crystals and ion vibe treatment to the mask.   REGULAR MASK- is mask with adjustable straps VIBE  MASK - AROMA THERAPY &...

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  • Rolling Vibe Massager

    Rolling Vibe Massager

    This tool can help you give a GREAT ‘GROUNDING yet ENERGIZING’ phi balanced massage with real earth energies to help RELEASE non-beneficials of many types, from stiffness to emotional toxins and micro-traumas stored in the body. This massage...

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    We have two refill options to use to fill up your roll on bottle! Rare Precious Lotus Oil Rare Precious Lotus Oil Refill   Earth on the bottom- Built-in Infrared Re-Energizing Crystal Gemstone Coaster. The higher the Vibrational Frequency of an...

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  • Rose Oil Refill

    Rose Oil Refill

    Pure Rose Oil- 15ml To Refill Rose Oil Gem on the Bottom Bottle :) Link here:   The BEST protection is to 'Raise our Vibrations.'    The Rose is one of the highest vibrations in...

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  • Rare Precious Lotus Oil Refill

    Rare Precious Lotus Oil Refill

    Pure Lotus Oil Refill- 15ml Here's our gem dropper bottle: Rare Precious Lotus Oil Travelling? We got you covered! LOTUS ROLL ONS Needing a spritz? Prepare to be misted! Rare Precious Lotus Happy Mist Want to display your precious...

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  • Supplement Optimizer Supplement Optimizer

    Supplement Optimizer

    Raises the Healthy Vibes of TABLETS and PILLS and puts them at a 1.1 FREQUENCY which makes them MUCH SMARTER at their ABILITY TO WORK INTELLIGENTLY WITH OUR BODIES. The center compartment is filled with our patented formula that has been tested to...

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