Kindness Policy

Kindness is a natural result of raising our vibrations. We at VibesUP believe in treating others as we would want to be treated. We very much appreciate how kind our customers are to us! (THEY REALLY ARE!)

Kaitlyn loves and appreciates her elves (employees) as they put their heart and soul into bringing you the best products and service. Because of her love for them she also has a ‘kindness boundary’ and reserves the right to not do business with anyone who is being unkind to the elves. 

SOLVING ISSUES: She does understand that there are times that something may feel like it needs addressing and that is ok. We very much want to help and make our customers happy. This can be accomplished in a high vibe kind manner on both sides. 

Kaitlyn loves the 90/10 solution equation! 10% of energy toward addressing what a problem is and 90% of our energy goes toward SOLVING it. Anything more than the 10% spent focusing on the negative side of a problem is a waste of time.

In summary: Kaitlyn believes in spending our energy towards things that are uplifting and finding solutions in a positive way is very HIGH VIBE.