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  • Ageless Mask

    Ageless Mask


      THE MANY USES VIBE MASK- INFRARED NATURAL THERAPY in a 'direct contact' delivery. AGAIN this is special formula Earth Material is not inside the mask pouch but directly on the skin.  This special beauty mask... click to read more

  • Divine Mask

    Divine Mask


      THE MANY USES VIBE MASK- Divine Mask The newest Zeo Earth Mat's contains all the advancements of: Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, Zeolite and Super Shrunk formulas!  The Double Stuff Formula contains... click to read more

  • Earth Vibrational Therapy Mat

    Earth Vibrational Therapy Mat


      EARTH MATS  CLOSE UP LOOK AT REAL EARTH VIBRATIONAL THERAPY MATS With over 20 Real Gems, over 40 Essential Oils, Flower Essence, minerals, amplifying liquid crystal, 1000's of Spheres of... click to read more

  • Lavender Mist

    Lavender Mist


    Lavender -  Lavender Mist bottle with built in self recharging coasters.size: NOW 15ml ESSENTIAL OILS are liquids and as the famous Japanese Scientist Dr. Emoto proved 'Liquids are powerfully influenced by... click to read more

  • Lavender Oil

    Lavender Oil


    Lavender -  New Product Launch- Oils w/ Mini Computers inside? Can Help All Essential Oil Brands be: Stronger, Smarter, Safer & Stay Specific.  Enhancing your oils to delightful new heights while increasing... click to read more

  • Lavender Oil Mist Refill 2oz

    Lavender Oil Mist Refill 2oz


    The Lavender Oil Mist Refill comes in a 2 oz container and fills your pocket size Lavender Mist 7 times :)   This oil is 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil in distilled water. No synthetic or chemical... click to read more

  • Meditation Kit

    Meditation Kit


    Meditation Kit   Meditation Mat- NEW DOUBLE STUFFED with Earth Energy, Grounding while connecting, there is no better place to connect and meditate than on mama nature's lap.The mat contains live... click to read more

  • Sleep & Awake NightStand Oil Set

    Sleep & Awake NightStand Oil Set


    (AWAKE OIL CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!)   Essential Oil Awake & Sleep 'Night-Stand’ Spa Set With bottom of the feet reflexology style whole body delivery-   BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET THERAPY Why on the bottom... click to read more