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  • Inserts for VIBE Bra $29.99 per set Inserts for VIBE Bra $29.99 per set

    Inserts for VIBE Bra $29.99 per set

    Single Nature's VIBE Bra Themed Insert set $29.99 each PADDED BRA OPTION IS DISCONTINUED. "Change your BRA Change you VIBE!" 13 interchange Vibe bra insert themes: Made with REAL GEMS, CRYSTALS, FLOWERS, PLANT BOTANICS & BLACK TOURMALINE (known...

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  • Lavender Oil Lavender Oil

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender -  Oils w/ Mini Computers inside? Can Help All Essential Oil Brands be: Stronger, Smarter, Safer & Stay Specific.  Enhancing your oils to delightful new heights while increasing their ability to work with YOU on a THERAPEUTIC...

    MSRP: $39.99
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  • Ageless Mask Ageless Mask

    Ageless Mask

    INFRARED NATURAL THERAPY in a 'direct contact' delivery. AGAIN this is special formula Earth Material is not inside the mask pouch but directly on the skin.   This special beauty mask is made with the same formula as our ageless cream. Different...

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  • Mini Vibe CheckUP Game

    Mini Vibe CheckUP Game

    Ask Questions, Physically Feel Your Answers   Self Diagnose and replenish your daily energetic needs       11 Magnetic Pieces treated with the VibesUP natural formulas containing the energies of Love, Joy, Abundance,...

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  • Vibrational Charging Coaster Vibrational Charging Coaster

    Vibrational Charging Coaster

     Themed Coasters to MANIFEST, ATTRACT, HEAL and CLEAR   - Coasters cannot be custom made! See the bottom description for specific instructions.    What are 'Vibes'? And how do they affect my life? Science has confirmed...

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