Meditation Tools

  • Double Layer Eye Mask Double Layer Eye Mask

    Double Layer Eye Mask

    WHY A DOUBLE MASK AND KAITLYNS TWO BIG SOLUTIONS SHE EXPERIENCED HAPPY NEWS!NATURE MIRACLE UPdate: WHY DOUBLE LAYER? The first layer you could think of like the front line soldiers giving everything they have energetically. The second layer is like the...

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  • LOVE (528Hz) Tuning Fork LOVE (528Hz) Tuning Fork

    LOVE (528Hz) Tuning Fork

    TUNING FORK frequency of 528 hz (LOVE) You can Create and bring the exact frequency of Love.  Hear the sound feel the vibration! We have improved upon the traditional tuning fork by adding VibesUP patented formula in the frequency of Love into...

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  • RARE Shungite Nugget

    RARE Shungite Nugget

    Shungite Nugget For other Shungite products!: RARE Shungite Pyramid RARE Shungite Sphere Silver Shungite Pendants Renaissance Shungite Pendants Raindrop Shungite Bracelet *Please note: Shungite is high in carbon so each piece is unique and...

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  • Pineal Cream Pineal Cream

    Pineal Cream

      Pocket size CRYSTAL PINEAL CREAM .25 oz Excellent for revitalizing the Pineal (third eye) and opening clarity.I have it next to where I work and apply it to my forehead whenever I need a clarity boost. I feel a noticeable expansion in my...

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  • Meditation Kit

    Meditation Kit

    *this item is not included in any discounts   Meditation Kit   Meditation Mat- NEW DOUBLE STUFFED with Earth Energy, Grounding while connecting, there is no better place to connect and meditate than on mama nature's lap. The mat...

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  • Divine Mask Divine Mask

    Divine Mask

    THE MANY USES VIBE MASK- Divine MaskThe newest Earth Mat's contains all the advancements of Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, and Super Shrunk formulas! The Double Stuff Formula contains the stones, Flower Essences,...

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