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Ionizer Intention Ring


Ionizer Intention Ring


Product Description

One size curves to fit any and all fingers 


Earth ionizer 'Life Purpose INTENTION RING'

Includes Travel size FingerOlogy Chart and 7 ways to experience this unique and purposeful ring. 


Made from Beautiful Sterling silver. Inside the real Shell Fibonacci swirl is VibesUP vibration raising earth ionizing formula of essential oils, gem powders, flower essences, amplifying Liquid Crystal and tiny energy-generating crystal spheres that work like natural self-renewing batteries that never run out of energy. 


Seven ways to experience your ring

1. Intending

2. Shifting

3. Body Talk (Kaitlyn's Favorite)

4. Reminding 

5. Earth ionizer and Raising Vibration

6. The ultimate 'Life Experience' graduation ring

7. A visual nudge to stay in the FLOW 


More information on the 7 ways to experience your ring- FINGER CHART below. 

1. Intending: wear the ring on the finger you want to put your intention and energy toward creating in your life experience. For example, if you want to create music wear on your left ring finger.

2. Shifting: wear the ring on the finger that is an area you want to improve in your life. For example, if you are feeling insecure and want to shift that to feeling to confidence, wear on your right index finger. 

3. Body Talk: our bodies have great intuitive wisdom to share with us. Throughout the day, you may notice you have unconsciously moved the ring to a different finger. Check your chart to see what message your body has for you. For example, you may notice your ring is on your middle right finger which is about being in your truth. Pay attention to things you are participating in that may not be your truth and make choices more beneficial to your well being. 

4. Reminder: like tying a string around your finger, your ring is a beautiful reminder of an area you have set your intention in. For example, following through. Wear on your right thumb and when you start to procrastinate, you will see your ring and be reminded this is an area you're committed the creating change in. 

5. Earth ionizer and Raising Vibration: this ring feeds constant healthy negative ions to our bodies to help neutralize the non-beneficial energy pollution of electronic, synthetic, toxic emotions; ours and others. It also raises the vibration of anything it is around.

6. The Ultimate Graduation Ring: as of December 21, 2012, we have completed our 16 billion year Mayan calendar Journey. From the side, this appears as a pyramid. If we were looking down on the Mayan calendar it would look just like the Fibonacci swirl on your ring. You have completed the ultimate human experience; let your ring be a reminder of what a brave hero you are for coming down into physical density to collect ALL feeling experiences. You have never been wrong as you can not judge or fail an experience! They are all valuable. It is what we came here to do, to collect them ALL. YOU are valuable, brave and amazing! You did it!!! 

Learn more about this journey on Kaitlyn's video & audio talks. 

7. A visual nudge to stay in the flow. The Fibonacci swirl is a reminder that all things natural in our universe are in this life creating natural swirl or flow and that our life also flows when we stay in the natural flow. When we try to force things to be, it slows things down, creates friction and can feel harsh and dense. You have inner guidance or GPS that lets you know from moment to moment if your in this flow.

That guidance system is your feelings. Go with what feels UPlifting or good in your heart and you will always be in your natural flow and on your purposeful path. 


If you want to set your intention toward or ( VibeUp) your capacity in any one of these areas put the ring on the pertinent finger. As you see it throughout the day you will have a visual reminder of your intention combined with the literal vibrational raising properties inside the ring.




Thumb = The Master of Manifestation / Success - The Doer

Traits: Competence, Enthusiasm, Focus, Tangible Results, Wise use of Will, Builder / Creator


Index Finger / Jupiter= The Master of Power - The Leader

Traits: Influential, Powerful, Decisive, Courageous, Independence, Leadership, Confidence


Middle Finger / Saturn = The Master of Responsibility - The Business Person ​

Traits: Responsible, Organized, Reliable, Accountable, Resourceful, Money Wise


Ring Finger / Apollo = The Master of Creativity - The Artist ​

Traits: Creative, Unique, Authentic, High Profile Person, Performer, Observant, Creative Explorer


Little Finger / Mercury​ = The Master of Communication - The Author / Speaker  

Traits: Mental Quickness, ​Translator, Messenger, Self Awareness, Excellent Lister, Motivational 


Left Hand: 

Thumb = The Master of Family / Tribe / Community 

Traits: Team Player, Loyal, Community Oriented, Cooperative, Matriarchal / Patriarchal, Good Self Care


Index Finger = The Master of Living one's Passions

Traits: Lives Passions, Self Aware, Good Boundaries, Self Empowered, Emotionally Independent 


Middle Finger / Saturn​= The Master of Integrity / The Mentor

Traits: High Personal Integrity, Role Model, Teacher / Mentor, Principled, High Values, Persistence


Ring Finger / Apollo = The Master of Self Approval / The Innovator

Traits: True to Self, Innovation, Self Acceptance, Experimental Nature, Strength under Pressure, Resilient


Little Finger / Mercury = The Master of insight / The Mentor

Traits: Inspiring, Mental Agility, Clarity, Intuition, Inspirational communication, Healing, Wisdom 




If you are experiencing Life challenges or traits that you may want to raise the vibe of or shift put the ring on the pertinent finger. As you see it throughout the day you will have a visual reminder of your intention combined with the literal vibrational raising properties inside the ring.


Thumb ​ = Inability to manifest or follow-through, Frustration, Incompletions, Are avoiding risk, Feeling like a failure, Being overly Bossy / Pushy, Stubborn, Dominating, I have to do everything to get it done right or on time


Index Finger / Jupiter = Loss of Power in the World, Helplessness, Overwhelm, Fear of being controlled or reluctance to take the Lead, Mis-directed Anger, Mis-use of Power, Playing it Safe, Selling out / not going for what you want


Middle Finger / Saturn = Being Irresponsible or experiencing others that way, Being overly Responsible (taking or too much) Lack of Integrity in the external world, Money Problems, Broken Contracts, Logistical problems, Feeling like you are not Enough


Ring Finger / Apollo = Creativity Blocks, Apathy, Uncertain of who you are or where you fit in the world, Hiding behind a Persona, Fear of being seen, Performance Anxiety, Wallflower, Too Defensive, Playing Small


Little Finger / Mercury = Not Speaking Up, Communication Breakdowns, Talking too much, Unaware of the message you convey, Don’t promote yourself, Misunderstandings happen frequently, Withdrawing when you don’t get your way.



Thumb = Out of Sync with Family / Tribe / Community, Family / Tribe / Community doesn’t Understand, Respect or Value me, You Sacrifice too often for the needs of the Family / Tribe / Community, You avoid Family / Tribe / Community - you are the Lone Wolf, You are trying to escape from a dysfunctional (F/T/C) situation


Index Finger / Jupiter = Loss of Personal Power, Blocked Passions, Shame is a close companion, Shut down / feeling numb, Boundary issues (frequently feel violated), Professional Victim, Not sure what you need and afraid to ask for it, you do whatever you want without appropriate restraint, No sense of Satisfaction from you life activities, Lack of excitement in your life


Middle Finger / Saturn = Loss of Self Worth, Guilt Issues (It’s always my fault - It’s never my fault), Out of Integrity with Self, Scarcity issues (not enough money, time, love, etc) Not sure how to value things in your life, Don’t hold yourself accountable, You agree too easily, Change to meet the expectations of others


Ring Finger / Apollo​ = Loss of Connection with Self, Fear of Rejection, Paralysis (stuck in fear), Judging and rejecting others to avoid it happening to your, Need people to like you, Often feel like you don’t belong,

Little Finger / Mercury = Vulnerability and Surrender issues, Intimacy Breakdowns / Issues, Mistrust in Intimate Relationships, Manipulation of Self and Others, Self Abandonment, Argumentative (and you have to win)

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