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Rose Quartz Relationship INTENTION TOOL Hearts


Rose Quartz Relationship INTENTION TOOL Hearts


Product Description

Relationship INTENTION TOOL- infused Rose Quartz Hearts with erasable creative marker.

Life is a canvas and our intentions are the PAINT!

A customizable, amplified intention tool for helping to strengthen relationships with family, friends or mate. Setting course for the healing of conflict or perhaps attracting in new relationships.
With your powerful intentions and the energies of nature collaborating anything is possible.
This attractive decor piece can double as an amplified intention board where you may clear away your writing and re-create ideas as the inspirations come up or your intentions change

It is said that "ASK AND IT IS GIVEN" Is one of the most powerful laws of our universe. Some also think of asking as an intention or putting energy toward creating or manifesting our goals.
There are different degrees of strength and amplification with our asking/intending.
1. Just a thought has a one level of strength
2. To ask with thoughts and words intensifies that request.
3. To ask with thoughts words and actions is even stronger.
4. We can bring together thoughts, words and actions, with this energetically specific and amplified physical tool, combining the natural elements flower essences  and essential oils, that are known to vibrate at the frequency of love.

We have also added pure ROSE, which is known as the highest vibration in nature, with the intention of raising love to it's highest form.
All of these nature ingredients are combined into the VibesUP piezoelectric formula sending out over 1 million rays of this specific energy per second. This patented formula is then coated onto the stone of rose quartz also known for its ability to vibrate at the frequency of Love. Like stations on the radio, the signals are sent out, attracted back, tuning in and amplifying your intention.

Use the erasable marker to create and re-create fresh intentions anytime you desire, apply to the front where it's visible or put your marks underneath where it's your own personal secret.

This message is loud and clear and everytime you look at this item or it's in the awareness of your side vision your subconscious mind is picking up on the intention and starts putting the wheels into motion to become a reality in your life.
Again life is a canvas and our intentions are the paint!


Each piece is approximately 2 inches across 1.25 inches tall by 0.5 inches deep. 



Disclaimer: The above information is not a claim for healing, prescriptions or healthcare information.

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