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Rose Quartz Lamp


Rose Quartz Lamp


Product Description

ROSE QUARTZ- Read more about the "LIGHTHOUSE OF LOVE" lamp at the bottom of the product description.

Crystal Collector Pieces  'Vibrational Therapy' Lamps!
Let the glow of nature’s beauty and wellbeing flow into your home.
On our quest to bring more of the balance and healthy vibrations of nature into our modern lives, what more beautiful way to do this then having our lamps not only be absolutely gorgeous crystal collector pieces, but to be glowing beacons of nature's vibration around our homes. Your guests will ohh and Ahhh all over these.

They're ALIVE!!
Because of their special coating they are continually pulsing out therapeutic rays of gemstone, plant botanical energies and healthy nature ions into your home. Additionally your vibration is raised by your appreciation of their beauty, you may even find the corners of your mouth raised as it's hard to not smile when you look at these incredible Crystal collector piece lamps but the most important thing about these lamps is that they are adding large chunks of physical organic matter to your environment. Learn why these lamps can serve as decoys for the things that want to etch away at your life energy.

The importance of bringing Nature ions into our homes.

WHY ions matter?
Nature's KEY to health and happiness:  Our modern homes are filled with synthetic materials that emit unbalanced (+) ions. These Synthetics feed on physical organic matter (-) in an attempt to rebalance themselves.

Example: the sun has a powerful amount of (+) it shines on the earth and then the earth (-) helps ground, neutralize and balance the radiation (+) into a healthy life giving energy. You may have already experienced the suns (+) rays etching powers on physical matter, in the form of a sun burn or items left out in the sun you will notice get faded and even deteriorated in time by the sun. The (+) ions produced by the synthetics in our modern world work in that exact same way. They need grounding and balancing out with (-) ions.

Considering these synthetics, that produce (+) ion radiation need physical organic matter (-) to feed on, let's think about what in our homes is physical organic matter? Maybe a couple of plants, your crystal or rock collection? That's about it! In a typical home the largest concentration of physical organic matter is our 'physical bodies' and the bodies of our pets and children.  These synthetics are literally feeding on us, draining and pulling us out of balance, effecting our energy, moods, sleep, health and more.

Bringing natures (ions) into our homes will not stop the synthetics from producing the unbalanced (+) ion any more than the earth (-) stops the sun from shining. But It CAN bring the (+) into neutral harmony like the earth does the radiative sun rays. Bringing nature's (-) ions into our homes can reducing the need of the (+) ions from etching physical matter from us!

Get out in Nature as much as you can and bring as much nature into your home as possible!



Coated with the VibesUP vibrational therapy formula for LOVE and Stress Relief 

Very nice sized large pieces of rose quartz! With Clear or Red bulb option. (The Red coming through the pink stone creates an absolutely stunning, unusual, surreal color)
Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, like a station on the radio this pretty stone is literally dialed in to the frequency of love and constantly helping to tune the area and people around it to the vibration of love. This stone can help us develop a love for ourselves as well as receiving love from those around us. If the intention is set with the stone it is known to help attract 'pure love' into our lives, life whether it is friendships or a soulmate. The gentle energy of the stone is so helpful to the sensitive children that are being born in the current higher vibration of our planets. Soothing calming uplifting. Perhaps one of the most important things about the stone is it helps us to connect to our hearts, when we are living our life from our hearts everything becomes magical.

Our true power is in our hearts and many of us have had so many wounds and pains along the way that we have built up walls around our hearts as self-protection to avoid feeling those past pains. However that wall is blocking us from connecting to the power of our heart which produces thousands of megahertz of energy, it is like a generator for our bodies and our lives. When we shut it down we have disconnected ourselves from our inner generators, a pure source of energy. The stone can gently help us melt down those walls, feel and release the layers of pain, and reconnect us to our power center. This stone is worthy of being called human's best friend in the Mineral Kingdom!

NOTE: Each lamp includes cord with on/off switch and one bulb. You may use any color bulb you like.

Lamp is approximately 6 to 7 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide.



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