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Real Earth Divine Soles - Stress Formula


Real Earth Divine Soles - Stress Formula


Product Description



StressLESS shoe inserts contain our formula for assisting and reducing stress and anxiety as well as bring an overall sense of peace, calm and well-being.


Essential oil reference books teach us that when oils are applied to the bottom of the feet they reach our whole system in three seconds.


Now imagine amplifying that with a constant infrared delivery bringing healthy energy and specific frequencies to support us during these stressful times.


We cannot express enough how important it is to clear stress from our systems. Stress is not only toxic and known for causing diseases it also works like rust on our bodies, breaking down and causing malfunctions in many areas.


A visual example of the harmful effects of stress is Watching every president through out history go into the most stressful job in the world and within 4 short years they look like they’ve aged 15 years.


Stress seems to make humans age in dog years!


STRESS is also a very low vibration and causes us to attract more low vibrational negative situations. Clearing stress can raise our vibrations and help us to attract higher vibe experiences.


The more we can clear and relieve stress and anxiety the better chance we give our body and minds to be balanced vibrant, high vibe and function at their best.


Also Used for Sandals or Orthotics!!

Either you cut them out and slip them into your shoes OR glue them onto your orthotics or your sandals :) If you want to glue them onto your orthotics or your sandals, choose the option "glue" above. If you wanted to have the option of slipping your Divine Soles from one shoe to another, choose the option "no glue" above. 


The newest Soles contain all the advancements of prior evolutions of our Earth Therapy Materials: Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, Zeolite and Super Shrunk formulas! 

  • The Double Stuff Formula contains double the stones, Flower Essences, essential oils, and Liquid Crystal, making the Earth Mat material extra potent with the yummy earth ingredients!
  • Puffy Crystals amplify the conductivity and strength of the Earth Mat material. By adding this formula, it creates tiny bridges for the energy to move through the base of our Earth Mat material. Testing showed by adding this ingredient, the Earth Mat material is several times stronger energetically and now works out both sides. 
  • Super Shrunk aids in compressing the tiny quartz spheres to amply the piezo electricity!

Grounding, Ionizing, Vibration Raising & Earth Nurturing- Vibrational Therapy Soles for bringing the balance of nature back into our modern lifestyles. Pulls out the non-beneficial energies and feeds back nature's nurture. Grounding has been shown to also help with pain relief, cortisol levels, (stress) hormone balancing, inflammation and MUCH more.

The bottom of our Feet is our plug-ins!

 like we plug an appliance into the electric socket. Our feet have 50,000 receptors because we are designed to be walking barefoot and receiving energy up from the Earth's electromagnetic pulses. The electro feeds the energy IN and the magnetic pulls the non-beneficial energy OUT. Divine soles ground and nurture our body in the same way with the bonus of many essential plant oils and therapeutic gemstones!

NEVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY. These soles are self-clearing and self-generating of energy. They run on their own natural batteries of Universal and Earth Energies.

UNIQUE DELIVERY of EARTH ENERGY- Alive with waves of therapeutic nature energy... With a unique natural delivery system that pulses out gentle infrared rays of natural piezoelectric energy delivering the healthy vibrations of essential plant oils, therapeutic gemstones and liquid quartz crystal in a powerful and deep nurturing delivery beneficial to body mind and soul.

Phi 8 to 5 Ratio- Even though the clear soles are 30% stronger than the purple, both the purple and the clear soles contain the unique 8 to 5 ratio formula, this is a match for the ratio of male and female energies in nature, known as Phi or the golden measurement. This ratio is the CREATION of energy and why nature creates and is sustainable and man-made things are not in this ratio and are draining and non-sustainable.

Suggested uses: The soles come in a large size (Men's 13) with a sizing template to fit any foot. Once you have cut your soles to fit you, you may have two large pieces left over. Do not throw this out as it has many uses. Wrist pads while you’re on your laptop, under pet’s food and water dishes, anywhere you have discomfort on your body, in your bra for a clearing of toxic energy, near your heart for comfort. You can use them even in your plants (their roots are their feet); your plant will THRIVE extreme!

Please note that, while we recommend highly that you adhere this product to orthotic soles to gain the benefits of both; These soles are NOT recommended as a substitute for feet that need legitimate orthopedic support.  

Homemade good energy-

These Soles are all handmade with care, we grind over fourteen stones (we use already small stones), use the finest of oils and flower essences while blending all this with our precious Liquid Crystal Formula. We create these in cookie sheets in our kitchen. They are laborious, timely and the materials that go into them make them costly to produce. Yet, we bring them to you as affordably as we possibly can, enjoy :) The energy in your soles is ongoing and will last you for many years (except if microwaved).

Soles contain over 80 essential plant oils plus liquid crystal & Gems of 

Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Banded Agate, Labradorite, Peridot, Smoky Quartz, Sunstone, Prehnite, Dalmatian Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Selenite, Rutilated Quartz, Mookaite, Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, Tigers eye, Rhodochrosite, Lapis, Sodalite, Picture Jasper, Orbicular Jasper


I used to put the Divine Soles in my socks to sleep at night then I realized that was a time to unplug. Our feet have 50,000 receptors and they are our plug into the earth’s energy. Just like you plug an appliance into the wall socket, our feet are our plugins to nature. We have cut ourselves off from our natural energy source by wearing rubber-soled shoes and standing on wood and concrete foundations. At night, we would be unplugging our feet from this energy source and laying our bodies on the earth for gentle healing while we rest; nature is so perfect!! I tried laying in my backyard and that lasted about 15 min, it was itchy and I had a couple of bug bites. So, I made earth mats for sleeping in our own beds... Ahhh wonderful! At the time, I was going through the experience of two teenage sons and working 16hr days. When I held the first mat to my chest, I felt so much comfort and relief that I thought I would never give it up and ended up walking around like Linus from the Peanuts cartoon with his security blanket.


Yeah! Soles with REAL EARTH Ingredients of 

Essential Oils, Gemstones, Crystals, Black Tourmaline, Flower Essences, Minerals & Amplifying Liquid Crystal in a pulsing 'piezoelectric' delivery! - ROSES? We have added the highest quality real ROSE essential oil to these shoe inserts- Rose is the highest vibration in nature, 320mhz! 




Rubber is an insulator and blocks the NATURAL FLOW of Earth Energy to our bodies. This can reverse our natural (-) polarity of our bodies to the unhealthy (+) polarity. In this (+) state our bodies become sticky (like a balloon with a (+) charge sticks to things). Studies show even tartar sticks to our teeth more when we are (+) polarity. Imagine how that affects other things like cholesterol, non-beneficial toxins and emotions sticking rather than releasing when we are in our natural (-) polarity. These shoe inserts help reconnect us to concentrated REAL EARTH ENERGY and live in our natural (-) polarity.  



(that never run out) Our patented formula applies pressure to the 1000's of tiny inner quartz crystals, in a perfect phi ratio, helping create over 1 million rays of natural energy per second (PIEZO).


PLUS, every step you take creates

the additional pressure and can help generate even more of this natural energy for your body! They are ALIVE with waves of REAL EARTH energy. BENEFICIAL TO YOUR BODY, MIND and SOUL/SOLE!


May be helpful with

*ENERGIZING * HAPPINESS LEVELS *PAIN SUPPORT *BALANCE *HEALTH *EMOTIONAL WELL BEING *CONFIDENCE *GROUNDING (harmonizing non-beneficial energies including electronic toxins and grumpy people) much more...


Interesting Facts: The bottom of our feet have 50,000 receptors. Think of them as our plugins and the earth as our energy source. Most shoes disconnect us from the earth's energy. These shoe inserts are concentrated pulsing REAL EARTH that can help pull non-beneficial energy OUT (GROUNDING) and feed beneficial energy back INto our bodies (ELECTRO).


In our natural state of living 

we would be walking barefoot directly on the earth. The bottom of our feet contains a road map connected to all of our bodies and organs, (see reflexology chart below). Under the principles of understanding the pulsing electro (OUT) and magnetic (IN) energy of the earth, we could easily see how this direct earth contact would be constantly energizing and clearing, balancing and NURTURING all of our organs via our feet.

These shoe inserts are concentrated REAL Earth allowing the Nurturing Energy to reach your whole system via the 50,000 receptors on the bottom of our feet. 

These Divine Soles can help recreate that on/off electromagnetic 'nature connection' BENEFICIAL ENERGY IN and NON-BENEFICIAL ENERGY OUT (toxins, stress, even grumpy people energy) 



STUDIES SHOW when Essential oils are applied to the bottoms of our feet they reach our organs in 3 SECONDS. Imagine shoe inserts bringing special energy delivery of what we would normally be walking on, ROCKS, PLANTS, MINERALS even Flowers. in the same manner ALL DAY LONG!


Now imagine millions of RAYS of all this REAL NATURE being absorbed by the 50,0000 receptors on the bottom of your FEET and delivered to your whole system every 3 SECONDS!




We were at a trade show and another booth had a special aura camera. We thought it would be fun to see what effects our Earth Energy has on the bottom of the Feet. Wow! were we pleasantly surprised! The balanced chakras with the beautiful white aura were a result of this man standing on the VibesUP earth material for 4 min



When you have the WHOLE COLOR SPECTRUM in balance (including chakra colors) you get white. White contains all colors. White is also the highest vibration in nature and would be the natural filter we are intended to operate our lives in. Like a protective membrane.


Here is how it works

HIGH and LOW vibrations can not coexist. WHITE is the highest vibration and lower non-beneficial energies would simply not be able to penetrate this NATURAL ENERGY FORCE FIELD.

I feel that you could also get this same white aura by standing barefoot on the earth, you would not need the VibesUP shoe inserts but it is not always convenient to be barefoot directly on the earth, Sidewalks and house flooring do not count.


VibesUP Divine Soles allow us to be in direct contact with the earth no matter where we are. 



We also had tests done in Ireland at a special clinic that has machines for testing Vibrational Energy and its effects on the body. 

Here is what was reported back to us on the Earth Material on the bottom of our feet. 


Scientifically Bio-resonance tested and shown to: 










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