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Rare Precious Lotus Oil


Rare Precious Lotus Oil


Product Description

Pure Lotus Oil- 15ml

Need a refill? Find it here! Rare Precious Lotus Oil Refill

Travelling? We got you covered! LOTUS ROLL ONS

Want to display your precious oil? Fancy Crystal Petal Lotus Bottle w/Oil

Needing a spritz? Prepare to be misted! Rare Precious Lotus Happy Mist


Earth on the bottom- Built-in Infrared Re-Energizing Crystal Gemstone Coaster. The higher the Vibrational Frequency of an Oil the higher is quality and ability to work with you on an energetic and therapeutic level. On the bottom of this bottle is a special natural infrared formulation that has been tested and proven to POWERFULLY raise the Vibration of anything it is near. Plant and flower energies can be compromised not only by time, method of processing but all Liquids are affected by wifi and electronic pollutants in the air as well. Your Liquid Lotus Bottle has its own Natural Batteries that keep clearing this energy away as it recharges to be exactly the Pure Lotus Frequency.

ABOUT LOTUS- Liquid Lotus- Happiness in Bottle- The most expensive and sacred oil in the world.

Ecstasy Oil for Egyptians and also known for building confidence and self-esteem. Lotus is the oil of NOW, keeping us in the moment rather than upset over the past or future. Tuned to the crown chakra for opening our awareness. Lotus oil is also known as a powerful overall Health Helper and it unconsciously encourages deep breathing which increases oxygen and overall well being.

Lotus does much more than we can list.

LOTUS precious that

Tut was buried with it...

Buddha slept on it ...

Now you can enjoy it in your everyday life!

ESSENTIAL OILS are liquids and as the famous Japanese Scientist, Dr. Emoto proved 'Liquids are powerfully influenced by energies around them including Electronics, Emotions, Cell Phone & WIFI signals 'A computer uses the TWO steps, INFORMATION and a RAY of energy, to imprint a movie onto a DVD. The bottom of this bottle is like a natural mini-computer containing the ability to produce those same two steps, constantly reimprinting the Oil back to its original design and powering up its purpose with the same two-step process as a computer:

Step One- INFORMATION (the oil's own original & specific frequency)

Step Two- RAYS! It contains tiny quartz spheres that work like natural batteries producing Infrared RAYs of Natural energy that constantly pick up on the specific original information of the botanical and imprint it on the oils in the bottle constantly reminding them of their original purpose and much more!


This continual 2 step action helps your Oils be: 

1. SPECIFIC- Continually resets the Oil back to its specific and powerful purpose

2. STRONGER- Raises the oils vibrational energy, literally RE-ENERGIZING them and increasing their power.

3. SMARTER- Increased Vibration can increase the oil's intelligence and ability to work with us on a therapeutic level.

4. SAFER- Vibrational Protection can help keep your oils from being compromised by Electronics, Cell Phone & WIFI signals and even Toxic Emotions.


Enhance your oils to delightful new heights while increasing their ability to work with YOU on a THERAPEUTIC level, raising the vibrations to help the oils be smarter, stay specific to their unique job and protects them from being effected by electronic or emotional toxins.


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