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Natures Choice Soap Alternatives


Natures Choice Soap Alternatives


Product Description

One of Kaitlyn and many elves favorite! (: this creative combo of healthy cleaning products will bring HIGH vibrations to your clothes and dishware! PLUS save you MONEY and SAVE THE EARTH?! YAY FOR EVERYONE


(please note price change due to not including dishwasher pads for the time being, any orders placed after November 19th 2017 will not come with dishwasher pads)


A HAPPY WAY TO SAY GOODBYE to a big source of environmental toxins that are harming OUR BODIES and our PLANET!
Imagine never having to buy laundry soap or dryer anti static sheets EVER AGAIN.
VibesUP Soap 2


GOOD FOR OUR BODIES– Synthetic toxic chemicals contained in soaps (even most eco friendly soaps) leave a toxic residue in our clothing that is absorbed transdermally (via the skin) bringing toxins to our entire systems. YAH! Bye Bye toxic icky soap!
GOOD FOR THE EARTH! No more polluting the PLANET and her precious water with toxic soap chemicals that end up back in our water supplies, harming plants, trees, animals, children and us.
GOOD FOR OUR WALLET– the average family spends between 300.00- 400.00 per year on dishwasher soap, laundry soap and dryer sheets.
GOOD FOR CONVENIENCE– No one enjoys running out of laundry or dishwashing detergent. Nor lugging the heavy containers home.
Never run out again!
LESS PLASTIC WASTE- think of all the plastic detergent containers per year that are no longer going into the landfills! Yeah!!!
Every time we use these, we show our LOVE for our EARTH and ourselves.
One ball last 6 months – 1 YEAR
laundry ball 1
with special VibesUP technology (MAT ROCKS) included to help re-harmonize synthetic clothing. Just put the ball in with each load. NO SOAP NEEDED.
Essential oil INFUSION’ DRYER BALL with Bottle of OILS included.
dryer ball 1dropper-1
Contains specific ion beads to help ground out your clothing removing the unhealthy electrical static. Plus the inner beads are made specifically porous to hold essential oil drops releasing the scent slowly to your clothing with the heat of the dryer. This action Infuses nature’s good VIBES and beautiful scents to your clothing. We include an delicious essential oil blend and special dropper to fit the oils through the tiny holes.


Stains or extra stinky area that needs a little extra LOVE to be released. This enzyme stick is your new magic wand!


 Earth Safe, Non-toxic, Phosphate free, Won't alter or fade color, Hypoallergenic, Gentle on fabrics.

ingredients: protease, emulsion essence, water. 

Gentle on leather and fabric, works great on tough stains like grime, grease, coffee, perspirations, cosmetics, ect. 

  Disclaimer: The above information is not a claim for healing, prescriptions or healthcare information.

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