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Daily Vibe CheckUP with Bracelet Set

$490.99 $399.99
(You save $91.00)

Daily Vibe CheckUP with Bracelet Set

$490.99 $399.99
(You save $91.00)

Product Description

IF we are out of the size you request, in any theme, we well get the closest size to it plus add a BLACK SOFT BAND!!! :) 

Daily Vibe Delivery Tools!

POOLS OF VIBES!  Our NEW, released to the general public, gemstone Therapy Bracelets for WHOLE body sublingual style delivery of SPECIFIC vibrational energies! Use individually or in concordance with the Vibe CheckUP system! -Vibe CheckUP system included! 
Ask Questions, Physically Feel Your Answers
Self Diagnose and replenish your daily energetic needs
In home Bio Resonance System.
Self Diagnose and replenish your body’s daily energetic requirements.
Ask Questions, LITERALLY Feel Your Answers-
Works in a similar way to the 90,000 Bio resonance machine we have our products tested on in Ireland.
When there is a resonance for the specific energy you will literally feel that piece activate in the form of temp change, tingle Etc.  Turn it over to read what energy your body is requesting for the day.
-Corresponding specific energy bracelets available in beautiful gemstone Jewelry with the exact same energy your body requested, embedded into little pockets. This energy can now be delivered whole body sublingual style via gentle contact with the surface veins of the wrist! 
My ongoing energy research includes Bio resonance machine experiments.  I have learned the human body has constantly changing energy requirements.
However not many of us can afford a 90,000 machine to do regular vibrational energy checkups but wouldn’t it be great!
When the testing clinic told me the Vibe checkup game works on the exact same principle as the machine I thought! Ah ha! We CAN all have an affordable in home system that not only let’s us know that energy will be bebeneficialor that day, than have corresponding energy bracelets to supply that specific energy! Plus have the energy in the tools never run out.
How fun and powerful! Imagine these on your fridge and each morning as you nourish yourself with food you can do a quick energy check up and change your bracelets out to match your bodies energy request!
How it works: each piece is coated with the VibesUP amplified and infrared delivery of 11 specific frequencies like LOVE, JOY, HEALTH, WILL POWER,  ENERGY, BALANCE, CLARITY, ABUNDANCE, COURAGE, STRESS RELIEF and
Scan your hand over the pieces with the intention of asking what energy is the most beneficial for you to have more of that day. Turn over the pieces that feel different and read your answers. You’ll be stunned how accurate it is!
This is absolutely the most advanced and affordable, ‘in home or on the go’ system for energy diagnosis and solutions.
A few Examples from just this week-
Jessica got ABUNDANCE- 
She was not getting many hours at her last job, I had just hired her when she took the test.
Johnny and Brycen both got ENERGY-  They are my employees who at the time of the test were working till 1am trying to help with the rush of orders.
Myself (Kaitlyn)
Each bracelet has an infrared energy frequency formula of amplifying liquid crystal, essential oils, gemstones, flower essences generously embedded in a little pool behind the word stone and around the beads. This energy is constantly pulsing out in natural piezo electric waves. This SPECIFIC energy can now be delivered whole body sublingual style just by being in the proximity of surface veins of the wrist! 
Our blood takes oxygen and nutrients to ever cell of our body every 60 seconds. Now it can bring a bonus delivery of a specific natural energy. Your whole body can be radiating at a specific energy of Love, Abundance, Health ETC.
How does it get any better that THAT?


**important You may ask for size preference in the comment box when placing your order. Sizes available in sm/med 5.5 – 7.5″ or med/lg 7 – 8.5 or XXL 8 – 9.5″ (XXL very limited)


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