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Cork Daily Vibe Check UP Kit

$59.99 $49.99
(You save $10.00)

Cork Daily Vibe Check UP Kit

$59.99 $49.99
(You save $10.00)

Product Description

Vibe CheckUP Set- Multi theme BRACELETS with Vibe check UP system!


A FUN & ACCURATE WAY to help self diagnosis what energy themes are best for you for each day, week or situation. Works on natural organic bio resonance technology. SO ACCURATE!

These Vibrational Therapy bracelets are made from adjustable marbled cork, lined with specific themes of earth energy. This patented renewable energy formula consists of Nature ingredients, including gemstones, essential oils, flower essences and amplifying liquid crystal in a squishy comfy strip. These contain tiny little natural batteries emitting constant rays of energy which can be defined on what types of energy rays they are by what essential oils are in their base.


SUBLINGUAL: When we put drops under our tongues the ingredients can absorb into the surface veins under our tongues and be delivered in 60 seconds to every cell of our body.
THE OTHER PLACE we have surface veins is on our inner wrist. IMAGINE as the blood passes by every 60 seconds it can pick up on the specific energy theme of the bracelet and deliver it to every cell of our body!



LAY ALL YOUR THEMES OF CORK BRACELETS OUT with earth strip facing UP.  This way you can not see the themes written on the other side. 

NEXT SCAN the palm of your hand about 1/2 inch over all the bracelets and choose 1-3 that feel slightly different to you. Slightly warmer, cooler, tingly or even a little breeze of energy coming off them. This is called Bio Resonance and is nature activating for you on the themes YOU NEED more of. This way you can get your breakfast and check what energy needs your body has for that day or situation and wear the bracelets your body wants! 

90% of People get this right off and are BLOWN AWAY how accurate it is. If for any reason you can not feel it, try this.. dont focus to hard, relax be more in your creative flowing right brain. HOLD the palm of your hand up to feel the air as if to see if the air conditioning is on. THAT is switching your hand to being in the sensitive mode. Try it again. That should do it.

ARE YOU MORE VISUAL? If your still not feeling it, you may be more of a visual person. Try staring at them until some become more clear or POP out to you as if to be visually drawn to them.

YOU CAN WEAR MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME. Just like a salad you can have a varitey of ingredients as Nature is wise and they can all work together in a perfect symphony. 



set of 3 (reg price $70) comes with love, health, and abundance

set of 6 (reg price $140) comes with love, health, abundance, energy, stress relief and clarity

set of 11 (reg price $290) comes with love, health, abundance, energy, stress relief, clarity, courage, will power, joy, protection and balance


Single styles available!:  

Cork "Healthy Winter" Cold 'n Flu Bracelets

EMF Cork Bands

Cork Theme Bands

Vibe Therapy Cork & Bamboo Watch



Disclaimer: The above information is not a claim for healing, prescriptions or healthcare information.

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