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Allergy Support Basic Kit

$270.00 $99.99
(You save $170.01)

Allergy Support Basic Kit

$270.00 $99.99
(You save $170.01)

Product Description

SPRING IS HERE AND THE SNIFFLING HAS BEGUN, and we have KITS that can be supportive for ALLERGIES.
1 Small Allergy Support Mat
1 Pair of Allergy Support Shoe Inserts
1 Allergy Support Divine Mask
2 Allergy Support Bracelets

VibesUP is all about helping people raise their Vibrations and shifting all the low vibe things that drain us into HIGH VIBE SOLUTION that help uplift us into our genuine natural state of THRIVING.

ALLERGIES are a BIG ONE on draining so many people. It can be like having a cold that goes ON and ON and ON..... Remember when we do not feel good our Vibe is lowered. When we Vibe low it can not only attract low Vibe things into our life, but again it can block us from being our true awesome selves. 

SNEAKY ALLERGIES? Some of us may not even know we have mild allergy symptoms, we may just think we are getting tired or irritated easily and notice a big shift in that when they wear the bracelet.


BREATHING WELL INCREASES OUR OXYGEN which increases our VIBE, energy and feeling of well being.
The BRACELETS could also be called BREATHE because they contain Gemstones & Essential oils that are known to be helpful with ALLERGIES, HAY FEVER & Increased Oxygen intake all in a SPECIAL PATENTED VIBE DELIVERY that REALLY WORKS!

Nature's Blend of Plant Oils and Therapeutic Tiny Gem Spheres in a Squishy Mat Material brings these Natural tools up to a level we can actually feel working almost instantly. All this constant goodness is being sent to every cell via your bodies brilliant delivery system. 

Probably not....
Whether it's 20%, 75% or 100% imagine being able to turn down the volume on something as life draining as allergies.  It feels like a miracle, a miracle of nature. When we understand Vibrations, Miracles become a daily way of life! 

AND the good news is the input we have received from Seasonal Sniffers that we let test drive them is exciting!They could tell a big difference and consider it their new 'spring buddy' accessory
The Vibe of THRIVE

I have come to the conclusion that at THIS TIME on this planet we are not here to suffer but rather it is the season to THRIVE.
From my studies of Nature, the Mayan Calendar, the cycles of the planet and the current vibration of the earth, the Shueman resonance or heartbeat of the planet which is CURRENTLY FAST. This fast vibration of our earth is creating a high frequency.

In a lower energy, things are thick and dense and slow, life is harder. In a higher energy frequency, things are smooth, light, transparent and fast. We have more energy to activate more of our brain and life expectancy. We are in the cycle or season to THRIVE.

... which means if our planet is vibrating high and we are vibrating low there is friction and it can become increasingly uncomfortable. The more we become a match for the current frequency the more we can ride the wave of thriving and use this energy for expanding into the amazing being that we are, activating much more of our dormant abilities and wisdom.

THRIVE IS A CHOICE AWAY. With this in mind I encourage you to make a conscious commitment to making choices that raise your vibration including the foods we eat, the movies or tv we watch, the thoughts we have the people we surround ourselves with, spending time doing more things that uplift us rather than drain us, getting out in nature more, developing a relationship with plants, trees, and animals. Focusing on what you love. Spending 10% of your time on identifying any challenges that come up and 90% of our energy solving them. Telling people all day long what you love about them. Especially strangers. It uplifts them and you.

This is the most fun choice we can make and keep making it until it becomes a HABIT. Stay in tune with how your body feels, it is your best life GPS. It will remind you when your off track. If it feels sinking or draining it's time to immediately change course and it can be done quickly with an immediate shift of what you focus on. Even if it's just thinking of your favorite color.

SUFFERING IS OUTDATED and Nature is here to help shift us off that path. I am extremely grateful to Nature for inspiring the solution tools that help raise our vibration, making it easier to make high vibe choices and relieve outdated heavy thinking and suffering.

What a great time to be alive and THRIVE on planet earth!!!! Let's all lock arms and hearts and together become part of the HIGH VIBE TRIBE and THRIVE THRIVE THRIVE!

"My son Scott volunteered to be a tester for Kaitlyn's  Allergy (bracelet). He suffers from Allergies in a big way. I would say Scotts allergy symptoms decreased by 80-90% but last week he loaned it to his friend Brennan who has allergies so badly that he is on antibiotics for them. Brennan notice a difference and said he wants to get one for himself. My sons symptoms are back without the allergy bracelet and he really wants his back.
Kristen Krause
Emotional Trauma Center
Folsom, CA

"I have pretty strong seasonal allergies. This year was so bad I was losing my voice.  The same day I put on the Allergy Bracelet I noticed a decrease in my sneezing, rough throat and red itchy eyes"  Kaitlyn asked me what percentage the bracelet has helped me and I would say about 75-80%. Cottonwood season is coming in about a month and I might put one on each wrist for that!"
Sam Wiesepape

allergy bands
Loved it. It really works! It stops my sneezing and nasal drip.
kelli m.
"I recently received two of your Allergy (Bracelets) and I must say, they work brilliantly! I'm currently located in Lancaster, PA - home of oak pollen and corn smut, both of which really set off allergies. I've been blowing my nose since spring started. However, a few minutes after I'd put the (bracelets) on, my sinuses were clear, and they have remained that way since, as long as I have at least one wrap on. If I take them off, my sinuses begin to clog again. Plus, I'm just feeling better in general, happier, more chipper - I had no idea the low-level allergies were sapping my mood so much! So, awesome!"
Green Laura Reesor
Lancaster, PA

I ordered this and was skeptical. Gave one to my daughter but she hasn't tried yet. I am deep into allergy season in Texas at readings on of 10. and 11. highs for my area and I have not taken any allergy medicine yet...or sinus medicine. I don't know how it works but it does. Sometimes I leave it off at night like last nite and by the morning my nose is running and I am getting the junk in the throat but put it on and within an hour I am good again. I am down to 1 bracelet because I lost my other so am gonna order another set of 3. I like not having to take another medicine and like even better not having to suffer with sinus problems so bad I get headaches and toothaches. You won't be sorry you tried these.
Catherine Hildebrand

I ordered these with the mat special and not only are my itchy swollen eyes gone after the first on day 4 but also are my dog Gracie's eyes clear too!! We are avid hikers and live in the woods on a mountain where everything is now beginning to bloom. I wrapped one of the bracelets around Gracie's collar to see if it would help her too as 
her eyes are very sensitive and run a lot. When we returned from our hike there was yellow pollen on her face from exploring and no runny eyes:) Love these and will order more. Love everything Vibes up and very grateful for all their creations. A big paws up from Gracie:))
Maggie T

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