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2019 Holiday Package B

$611.00 $199.00
(You save $412.00)

2019 Holiday Package B

$611.00 $199.00
(You save $412.00)
* Gem Bulbs Choice 1::
* Gem Bulbs Choice 2::

Product Description

Please note that packages are will not be further discounted with this already awesome price!


Gifts for many B kit 



Two Shungite EMF Bracelets

SHUNGITE is the most powerful stone in the world that supports neutralizing EMFs.

There are many scientific studies on Shungite and results are documented in several books. It is the only stone that contains the entire periodic table and it brings with it the miracle of fullerenes which are antioxidants for our body!

We have combined this beautiful stone in an amplified delivery with VibesUP's EMF formula bracelet.



Two Cold and flu Bracelets

The Cold and Flu band is hands-down the creator of VibesUP's favorite product. She wears it 24/7 and can feel a huge health difference in 20 minutes if taken off.

These bracelets provide a unique delivery that can gently bring specific gemstones and essential oils to every cell of the body via the surface veins of the wrist. Dr. Lari Young and her associates at Thrive Integrated Health in North Carolina are incorporating the VibesUP's patented delivery into their DNA energetics support.

This unique delivery may very well be the noninvasive medicine delivery of the future!


Shungite EMF beanie 


This knit VibesUP Beanie has 4 Vibes inserts enhanced with Shungite!


  • The front pad is for brain, pineal & intuition support
  • Both pads near ears are EMF support in the area of harmonizing electronic toxins like CELL PHONES
  • The back pad is a formula designed to be supportive with a stiff neck, tension or pain


These also make great sleeping caps, just pull the flap down over your eyes and sleep like you're in a nature cocoon!



2 Leaf vibe charging plates 


Good food fast!


This beautiful plate has a built-in charging formula for raising the good energy of your food without having to think about it!


2 Black Tourmaline aura cleanse soap 

This Black Tourmaline Soap is not just a cleanse for your body but also your energy fields.

As you move throughout your day, you can pick up negative energies of others. This combined with your own stress or negative thoughts can gather in your auras.

This soap is made from pressure activated Black Tourmaline amplified to release its full potential of beneficial ions, increasing its ability to cleanse the body giving you an energetic fresh start.


2 shungite cozy flame bulbs

Inspired by VibesUP's new Enchanted Forest Restaurant, these Shungite Filled Lightbulbs provide a beautiful glow with the feel of a real fireplace.

In addition to providing a soothing Vibe, they bring a special delivery of EMF harmonizing Shungite and healthy negative ions into your home.



2 Gem Vibe bulbs

These beautiful, happy, good vibe gemstone light bulbs allow the light to shine through the translucent stones, delivering not only their beautiful colors but the specific and unique helper vibes each one has to offer.

Comes in love, joy, health, abundance, EMF protection and peace.

We will surprise you with a fun theme!


Liver support kit 

In our modern society our bodies are often dealing with many different types of environmental toxins that put a heavy burden on our livers. Whether it's water, food, alcohol, preservatives, food coloring, or even electronic toxins, all of these can add up to an overloaded liver.

While many people take the time to give their liver extra care with occasional cleanses, this pad has the formula specific to liver support. For women it can be easily attached to the bra strap which happens to be the area of the spine that the nerves and energy flow go through to the liver.

This bracelet and pad are wonderful additional support for liver care.




"Not a cure" Thyroid Love Positive Perspective Bracelet with GOOD VIBES inside!

Why named not a cure? Inner strip contains NATURE ingredients that are known for and may be SUPPORTIVE to specific challenges but they are not in anyway being presented as a cure or replacement for professional medical care. 




2 Honey Infusions: 1 Green Strength & 1 Lemon

Healthy Happy Sweet Treat on The Go! This is an instant delicious snack in your pocket!

It's a convenient health boost while on the go that tastes so good it can shift cravings away from sweets that may not be good for us into a healthy happy sweet treat!

  • GREEN STRENGTH, a yummy organic honey, contains a proprietary blend of five superfoods including honey, spirulina, raw moringa, turmeric and ginger.
  • LEMON is made with real lemons and tastes like delicious lemon drop candies!

Small shungite mat 

Shungite is nicked named by scientists as the miracle stone with good reason!

Now imagine this profound stone being taken to an even higher level with the Piezo energy compression action of the earth mat delivery!

These mats are self-clearing and self-generate energy.

They run on their own natural batteries of Universal and Earth Energies.


Grounding, Ionizing, Vibration Raising & Earth Nurturing Vibrational Therapy Mats for bringing the balance of nature back into our modern lifestyles.


Pulls out the non-beneficial energies and feeds back nature's nurture.


Grounding has been shown to also help with pain relief, hormone balancing, inflammation and MUCH more. For sleep, sitting, work, school, car, homework, placemats and much more!


Dimensions: 8″ × 11″





Shungite water bottle: 

A VibesUP famous water bottle with the benefits of Shungite added. 


Value 611

Price 199


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