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Sleep Support & Meditation



Sleep Support & Meditation

  • Ageless Mask

    Ageless Mask


    INFRARED NATURAL THERAPY in a 'direct contact' delivery. AGAIN this is special formula Earth Material is not inside the mask pouch but directly on the skin.   This special beauty mask is made with the same formula... click to read more

  • Divine Mask

    Divine Mask


    THE MANY USES VIBE MASK- Divine MaskThe newest Earth Mat's contains all the advancements of Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, and Super Shrunk formulas! The Double Stuff Formula contains... click to read more

  • Earth Energy Plate Mat

    Earth Energy Plate Mat


      ORIGINAL FORMULA Light and gentle yet very effective    NEW SHUNGITE ADDED More deep and intense and also very effective              A GREAT SPECIAL ON ONE OF... click to read more

  • Earth Energy Squishy

    Earth Energy Squishy


    ELF ENERGY TREATMENTS- I also often have them under my clothing directly on the skin, they are great for doing nature energy treatments of various parts of my body, including lower back, tense shoulders, hip, chest, tummy... click to read more

  • LOVE (528Hz) Tuning Fork

    LOVE (528Hz) Tuning Fork


    TUNING FORK frequency of 528 hz (LOVE) You can Create and bring the exact frequency of Love.  Hear the sound feel the vibration! We have improved upon the traditional tuning fork by adding VibesUP patented formula... click to read more

  • Multi Purpose All Better Wrap (8" insert)

    Multi Purpose All Better Wrap (8" insert)


    THE ALL-PURPOSE BODY WRAP & HEADBAND This super cool wrap attaches to itself so it can hold the special nature vibe pad almost  ANYWHERE ON THE BODY   IMAGINE HELPING PEOPLE with NECK PAIN KNEE... click to read more

  • Natures Creation Journal

    Natures Creation Journal


     Light cork has lined paper inside for writing. Dark Cork has blank pages for drawing... click to read more

  • Pineal Cream

    Pineal Cream


    Pocket size CRYSTAL PINEAL CREAM .25 oz Excellent for revitalizing the Pineal (third eye) and opening clarity.I have it next to where I work and apply it to my forehead whenever I need a clarity boost. I feel a noticeable... click to read more

  • RARE Shungite Sphere

    RARE Shungite Sphere


    Shungite Sphere Approx. 1.25 inch diameter   For more shungite products!: RARE Shungite Pyramid RARE Shungite Nugget Silver Shungite Pendants Renaissance Shungite Pendants     *Please note: Shungite... click to read more

  • Selenite Infused Palm Rod Massage Wand

    Selenite Infused Palm Rod Massage Wand


    Selenite Wand is infused with VibesUP formula for health, neutralizing negativity, pain and stress relief, meditation and intuitive development.  Selenite is beautiful soft and feminine. It’s a very calming and... click to read more

  • Ultimate Clearing Smudge Kit

    Ultimate Clearing Smudge Kit


    Ultimate Clearing Smudge Kit Before you bring in all of this new positive energy, you may want to send the old energy on its way. Smudging is the practice of lighting a sage wand (several pieces of sage tied together) and... click to read more

  • VibeGenerators



    VibeGenerators Crystal points infusions with VibesUP formula directing the good energy of essential oils, crystals, and flower essences in amplified liquid crystal coating with tiny natural batteries of quartz spheres under... click to read more