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  • Enchanted Vibe Mugs

    Enchanted Vibe Mugs


    The VibesUP Glass Gemstone Mug has the VibesUP charging coasters built into the bottom of the 14oz mug. Visually beautiful, this mug raises the good vibes and makes any beverage taste sweeter and healthier.   Theme... click to read more

  • Handcrafted Artisan INFUSION HONEY

    Handcrafted Artisan INFUSION HONEY


    *this item is not included in discounts   HONEY POWER INFUSION  ALSO NOW AVAILABLE IN 7 FLAVORS AND TWO SIZES HEALTHY HAPPY SWEET TREAT ON THE GO! Green strength  An instant delicious snack in your... click to read more

  • Leaf Plate

    Leaf Plate


    Good food fast! This beautiful plate has a built-in charging formula for raising the good energy of your food without having to think about... click to read more

  • Cork Umbrella

    Cork Umbrella


    Beautiful Real Cork Vibe Therapy Umbrella. Natural, unique and the inside has strips of VibesUP good energy therapy. It's like walking in a beautiful natural bubble of GOOD... click to read more

  • Liver Cleanse support kit

    Liver Cleanse support kit


    In our modern society our bodies are often dealing with many different types of environmental toxins that put a heavy burden on our livers. Whether it's water, food, alcohol, preservatives, food coloring, or even... click to read more




    These beautiful, happy, good vibe gemstone light bulbs allow the light to shine through the translucent stones, delivering not only their beautiful colors but the specific and unique helper vibes each one has to offer... click to read more

  • Shungite Powered EMF Comfy Velcro Bands

    Shungite Powered EMF Comfy Velcro Bands


    Perhaps the biggest breakthrough of our time on a NEW METHOD of non-invasive, whole-body delivery of natural solutions.  Although seriously effective, it is 'Playfully' referred to as "Nature's 24/7 IV drip of natural... click to read more

  • Labradorite Daisy Bracelet

    Labradorite Daisy Bracelet


    Labradorite Made with special *CONDUCTIVE SILVERtm.     These QUALITY STONES are set into conductive copper that has been coated three times with STERLING SILVER. This makes for a lighter and more... click to read more

  • Labradorite Shimmer Waterfall!

    Labradorite Shimmer Waterfall!


    All VibesUP jewelry is vibrational therapy and are nature treatments that can be worn. Each piece is a generator of constant ‘nature vibes’ with our special patented formula of gems, essential oils, minerals and... click to read more

  • Fancy Crystal Petal Lotus Bottle w/Oil

    Fancy Crystal Petal Lotus Bottle w/Oil


    Need a refill? Find it here:Rare Precious Lotus Oil Refill Want a dropper gem bottle Lotus oil? Find it here: Rare Precious Lotus Oil Travelling? We got you covered! LOTUS ROLL ONS Needing a spritz? Prepare to... click to read more

  • Vibe Bowl for PETS & PEOPLES!

    Vibe Bowl for PETS & PEOPLES!


    Good Vibes on the go! (Collapsible food grade and BPA FREE bowl includes a real earth vibrational charging disc for high vibe snacks and drinks. Comes with a handy attachment that clips to the top of a regular water bottle... click to read more

  • VibesUP Crystal Cream LOTUS BODY LOTION 6oz

    VibesUP Crystal Cream LOTUS BODY LOTION 6oz


    Vibrational Therapy Body lotion with RARE LOTUS & Luscious Lavender essential oils.     Vegan, Paraben Free, 84% Organic content, ph balanced.  Includes tiny quartz crystals that work like... click to read more

  • Tingle Top

    Tingle Top


    Vibrational Therapy Scalp stimulator and Head massager.   Each tip has a little round smooth ball of VibesUP vibrational therapy formula of tiny crystals, essential oils, liquid crystal, flower essences in a never... click to read more

  • Carpet Salt w/Black Tourmaline

    Carpet Salt w/Black Tourmaline


    CARPET SALT with BLACK TOURMALINE Ionizing Vibe Cleanse for carpets Carpet is one of the biggest collectors of non-beneficial energies in our homes. Our bodies are constantly emitting waves of energy which tend to... click to read more

  • Rolling Vibe Massager

    Rolling Vibe Massager


    This tool can help you give a GREAT ‘GROUNDING yet ENERGIZING’ phi balanced massage with real earth energies to help RELEASE non-beneficials of many types, from stiffness to emotional toxins and micro-traumas... click to read more




    We have two refill options to use to fill up your roll on bottle! Rare Precious Lotus Oil Rare Precious Lotus Oil Refill   Earth on the bottom- Built-in Infrared Re-Energizing Crystal Gemstone Coaster. The higher... click to read more

  • Ankle Bamboo Charcoal Earth ion Socks

    Ankle Bamboo Charcoal Earth ion Socks


    Earth ion bamboo charcoal socks  THE HEALTHIEST HAPPIEST SOCKS IN THE WORLD! On my quest to find more ways to bring healthy negative (-) ions into our lives, I discovered that charcoal from bamboo was a... click to read more