• Woman's Wallet Woman's Wallet

    Woman's Wallet

    REAL EARTH, Vibrational Therapy CORK WALLET A unique wallet with DOUBLE PURPOSE: 1. MADE FROM BEAUTIFUL CORK the sustainable kindness leather. 2. ATTRACTS ABUNDANCE? Special piezo energy inner coating of abundance formula.   LightenUP Another...

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    Set of 2 5.99 Set of 4 10.99  just for fun holiday beverage Glow cubes. Color pulsing and activated by liquid just like we serve in our ENCHANTED FOREST RESTAURANT. They get many ohhh's and ahh's! 

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      - Coasters cannot be custom made! See the bottom description for specific instructions.    What are 'Vibes'? And how do they affect my life? Science has confirmed that everything is energy and has vibration. Your food, your...

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  • Shoulder Therapy Pad (Set of Two)

    Shoulder Therapy Pad (Set of Two)

    SHOULDER issues seem to be very common these days. I had what felt like a torn shoulder from my young dog pulling too hard on the leash. Using the Vibe Material eased my pain immediately and than keeping it on my shoulder for weeks it started...

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  • Vibe Hot Chocolate Vibe Hot Chocolate

    Vibe Hot Chocolate

    These SUPERSTAR mushrooms are known for and maybe supportive of these health-boosting qualities.  Reishi- *Maybe supportive with Brain, memory, disease prevention, liver, immune, and mood.  Shiitake- *Maybe supportive with heart health,...

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  • NEW Lavender Oil Roll On

    NEW Lavender Oil Roll On

    Lavender -  Oils w/ Mini Computers inside? Can Help All Essential Oil Brands be: Stronger, Smarter, Safer & Stay Specific.  Enhancing your oils to delightful new heights while increasing their ability to work with YOU on a THERAPEUTIC...

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  • NEW Rose Oil Roll On

    NEW Rose Oil Roll On

    To Refill Rose Oil Gem on the Bottom Bottle :) Link here:   The BEST protection is to 'Raise our Vibrations.'    The Rose is one of the highest vibrations in nature -320...

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