• 5G EMF Support Lap Desk

    5G EMF Support Lap Desk

     5G Lap Desks - 8 USES, Lapdesk with New Formula. Can be used with point up for books and tablets, flip it over for a flat top desk for laptops or food charging eating table. Can cuddle it for EMF and stress relief.  Earth ion LapDesk 8 in 1...

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  • 5G EMF Support iPhone Case

    5G EMF Support iPhone Case

    5G Iphones - The whole cover for any Iphones. (better than just a stick on)     NEW! In addition to the Nature ionizer insert, these wood look covers also have healthy ions throughout the squishy outer cover for even more HARMONIZING...

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    With 4 Vibe inserts 1. The front pad is for brain, pineal & intuition support.2. Both pads near ears are EMF support in the area of harmonizing electronic toxins like CELL PHONES 3. The back pad is a formula designed to be supportive with a stiff...

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